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This May-September Andrean Accounting will have adjusted hours. The adjusted hours will be Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Thank you for your continued the support.

Friday 04/18/2014 Andrean Accounting will be closed to allow our staff to take a day of rest after a grueling tax season. We'll return at our normal time on Monday 04/21/2014. We appreciate your understanding and hope you have a wonderful weekend!         

Recent News:

New E-mail Phishing Scam Pretends to be the IRS to get Your Private Information                                                                The e-mails in question appear as though they were sent by the IRS, informing you about a delay in your taxes. The e-mails then ask you to follow a series of links in order to correct this error and submit your taxes, but instead the links are used to steal your personal information. To find out more about these e-mails, read the article by the IRS here

The IRS States Bitcoin and Other Virtual Currency Not Considered Income                                                                    The IRS has made a statement regarding Bitcoin and other virtual currencies saying that "General tax principles that apply to property transactions apply to transactions using virtual currency." Bitcoins are attained through a process called mining, in which programmers around the world compete to crack an automatically generated code and the first one to succeed receives bitcoins as a reward. These miners must include the fair market value of the bitcoins they receive on the date on which they were received. On top of this, it must be reported as gross income. To read more about the IRS statement about Bitcoin and virtual currency click here 

ANDREAN ACCOUNTING is focused on putting your financial picture together, whether it's taking data from here or there to create financial statements, or trying different scenarios until the right fit is found to resolve problems you may be experiencing.                           

Our goal is to provide quality customer service by being someone who actually listens to your concerns before making suggestions for your business. We believe great service brings comfort and peace of mind, which is a result of knowing that the accounting is being done by an experienced and knowledgeable professional, and there's hope because we can help even if the records are messy or in bad shape.

We love questions!  We love training and teaching folks how to use QuickBooks or other accounting software systems. Our best reward is seeing the joy on a client's face when something is explained and they 'get it' or when they feel more confident to deal with their accounting issues.